Crafting Moments, One Sip at a Time

Who we are

About Us

At Whitenoise Coffee Co., we're passionate about crafting exceptional coffee experiences that awaken the senses and ignite the spirit of discovery. Founded with a dedication to quality, sustainability, and community, our journey began with a simple belief: that every cup of coffee has the power to inspire moments of joy and connection.



White Noise Coffee Co. has a unique blend of high quality brews and artfully curated performance at each of our locations and now the experience can be enjoyed at home with our handcrafted small batch roasted beans. We are proud to partner with extraordinary producers and farmers around the world.

Our goal is to open up all five senses for our customers as soon as you unbox and start grinding, the sound, the taste, the smell, the visual, the presentation and overall the story behind each and every selection of beans.

Come join our journey to find the highest quality and most unique coffees around the world.